Spiegelau Product Showcase

Spiegelau’s glasses are made from crystal and feature several design elements that set them apart from other brands. These include thin, laser-cut rims, a unique bowl shape that amplifies flavor, and delicate yet sturdy construction. Whether you’re a professional beer or wine connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates beautiful glassware, Spiegelau is a brand sure to impress.

About Spiegelau

Founded in the Bavarian Forest in 1521, Spiegelau has a long and storied history of producing durable and visually stunning glassware. Their products are expertly designed to enhance your beverage’s flavor, aroma, and overall drinking experience.

Commitment to Quality.

Rak Porcelain is known for crafting exquisite quality porcelain tableware that caters specifically to the international HORECA industry. Their products are designed to withstand intensive use and mechanical and thermal shocks inherent in the profession, thanks to their cutting-edge technology.

By selecting raw materials of the highest quality, Rak Porcelain’s products can stand the test of time while retaining the brilliance of their enamel and finesse of decorations. Their authentic porcelain dinnerware is available in Ivory body, White Body, and Coloured body variants, making it easy for customers to find a style that fits their needs.

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Cleaning, Drying & Polishing Glasses

In this video, Spiegelau shows you what to watch out for when drying and polishing your wine glasses.