Bar & Kitchen Towels

Used for wiping down surfaces, cleaning spills, and drying hands in the kitchen or bar area. Made of materials like cotton or microfiber, they come in different sizes and colors.

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Cleaning Accessories

A wide range of tools used for cleaning and maintaining the kitchen and bar area such as scrub brushes, sponges, and scouring pads.

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Cleaning Buckets

Used for mixing cleaning solutions and carrying cleaning supplies around the kitchen or bar area. Typically made of durable materials like plastic or stainless steel.

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Hand Wash Station

An essential part of good hygiene practices in the kitchen, hand wash stations include a sink with hot and cold water, soap dispenser, and paper towel dispenser.

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The process of ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the establishment. Includes cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, equipment, and utensils regularly.

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A brand that produces a wide range of products for foodservice establishments such as dispensers, utensils, and safety equipment. Known for their durable and innovative designs.

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Soap Dispensers

Used to dispense soap for hand washing and cleaning, these dispensers come in various sizes and styles to fit the needs of the establishment.

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