Igloo Product Showcase

From Party Buckets to Portable cooling options, Igloo Products are made to the highest level of quality, style, and durability in order to satisfy the demands of consumer of any field such as restaurants, catering services, hotels and list goes on.


About Igloo

Most people are familiar with Igloo from their 1971 Playmate cooler, often known as “America’s Lunchbox,” which they designed and now have on exhibit at the Smithsonian. Igloo became the brand of choice for customers who work hard and play hard thanks to numerous additional inventions throughout the years, including the first plastic cooler in the 1960s, the first wheeled cooler in 1994, the first hardside coolers made of recycled plastic in 2021, and many more in between. It is worth noting that Igloo is the most well-known ice chest brand in the United States.

Getting Cooler Since 1947

The company has a long, fun-filled, 75-year history of delivering coolness to the world. They have never taken a break and continue to go all in for both performance and fun. Their products are designed to exceed the expectations of parents, athletes, front-line workers, road trippers, campers, picnickers, corporate warriors, and everyone else you can think of.


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Igloo 75-year History Video

Igloo getting cooler since 1947 with 75 years of innovation and more years to come.