A sustainable and eco-friendly material that is used to make various foodservice products. Can be used to make utensils, straws, plates, and more.

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Decorative Picks

Used to add a decorative touch to food items like cocktails, sandwiches, or desserts. Come in different designs and materials like bamboo, plastic, or metal.

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Food Labeling Stickers

Used to label food items with important information such as ingredients, expiration date, and nutritional facts. Helps customers with dietary restrictions or allergies make informed choices.

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Food Packaging

The process of packing and sealing food items to protect them from contamination and ensure freshness. Includes containers, bags, wraps, and more.

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Front of House

Refers to the area of the establishment where customers are served, including the dining room, bar, or reception area. Ensuring excellent customer service and presentation is crucial in this area.

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Used to protect hands from heat, chemicals, or food contamination. Commonly used in foodservice establishments where hygiene is crucial. Made of latex, vinyl, or nitrile material.

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Mixing Paddles & Stirring Spoons

Used to mix and stir ingredients in large pots or vats, commonly used in commercial kitchens or food processing plants. Made of durable materials like stainless steel or plastic.

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A versatile utensil used for stirring, scooping, and serving food items like soup, sauce, or dessert. Come in different styles and sizes depending on the needs of the establishment.

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Town Food Service

A brand that specializes in Asian-style cookware and equipment. Offers a wide range of products such as woks, bamboo steamers, rice cookers, and more.

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